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At The Orthobiologix Clinic, we specialise in minimally invasive, non-surgical regenerative therapies that employ your body’s natural healing ability to address joint pain caused by osteoarthritis and sporting injuries.
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At The Orthobiologix Clinic, we specialise in minimally invasive, non-surgical regenerative therapies that employ your body’s natural healing ability to address joint pain caused by osteoarthritis and sporting injuries. These include next-generation Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) therapy, highly advanced Regenerative Cell Therapies and the next generation stem cell therapy called “GOLDIC “ therapy.
We provide the utmost level of care to our patients, and following a thorough evaluation by our medical specialists, we will be able to determine if you are a suitable for any of our biological cell therapies. We treat a wide range of painful joint and soft tissue disorders, including Osteoarthritis and Tendinitis, to provide long-term relief from these debilitating conditions.

Although there is no remedy for osteoarthritis, research has shown that regenerative cell therapies like PRP, adipose stem cell therapy, and the most advanced GOLDIC therapy address the underlying causes of joint and tendon pain,

reduce inflammation, and may even slow down the degenerative process altogether, making them a viable alternative to surgery.
Orthobiologics are natural substances used to treat orthopaedic injuries and disorders. They include cells, tissue, blood components, and growth factors. They can be used to replace the lost tissue, enhance tissue regeneration and healing, alleviate pain and inflammation, and improve joint function.

The Orthobiologix Clinic group believes that patients deserve a professional diagnosis and an unbiased orthopaedic evaluation of all nonsurgical, surgical, and orthobiologic treatments appropriate for their condition so that they can make informed healthcare decisions. We will always employ the best evidence-based orthobiologics and orthopaedic surgery to reduce pain and boost the body’s inherent healing capabilities. We want to treat our patients in the most safe, effective, least invasive, and cost-efficient way possible!

About the doctor

Dr. Sharmila Tulpule

Dr Sharmila Tulpule is an orthopaedic surgeon and American Board Certified Regenerative medicine specialist. She founded Orthobiologix Clinic,where patients can get an unbiased Orthopaedic Diagnosis and a complete discussion of non surgical and surgical options available including the latest, most advanced, noninvasive, innovative regenerative biological treatments called Orthobiolocigal treatments.

Dr. Sharmila is one of the rare breed of female Orthopaedic surgeons worldwide and amongst the very few practicing in UAE, GCC and India. She has extensive knowledge in orthopaedics, arthroscopic surgeries, and the latest stem cell and regenerative treatments in orthopaedic conditions, having practised for over 25 years.

She is a U.S. Board Certified and Diplomat in Regenerative Medicine. She is an internationally renowned, acclaimed, and successful orthopaedician in the UAE.

She received her education in India at GMC, Nagpur University, one of Asia’s largest and most prestigious medical colleges and teaching hospitals. She was a brilliant academic student who was noted for her diligence and intelligence during her time there.

Dr.Sharmila worked in Mumbai after completing her post-graduation (M.S. Ortho) at Nagpur University, under the tutelage of orthopaedic icons.

Dr.Sharmila has served as a lecturer, assistant professor, head of department, and trauma surgeon in a tertiary Trauma Care Centre in India over the course of her stellar career.

She had extensive training in Arthroscopic surgery in France and has worked as an Orthopaedic and Arthoscopic Surgeon in Dubai for the past 16 years in reputable hospitals, successfully treating thousands of patients.

Her interest in orthobiologics and regenerative medicine grew out of her specialisation in minimally invasive operations, which allowed her to treat patients in the most efficient and effective way.

Dr. Sharmila has authored numerous international research papers in the field of regenerative medicine and also written chapters in various textbooks of Orthobiologics.
She is extremely passionate about further developing the revolutionary field of regenerative medicine and orthobiologics by treating patients and training the doctors.

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Our mission is to provide state of the art, personalized regenerative orthobiologic treatments to patients to enhance the healing to help them return to the full painless functional level.


To provide compassionate care and act with integrity at all times. The ethics and compliance programme plays an integral role in everything we do.



Using own blood/tissue which reduce the risks


A short downtime and rehabilitation


Same day Procedure - OPD based


No Anesthesia also minimizes risks


High safety quotient


Avoid surgery


No major side effects or complications


Stops & Reverses degeneration


Promotes healing

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Dr. William Murrell

Board Certified Orthopedic Surgeon
From Gardner Orthopedics

25+ Years of Experience

Dr Ulrich Schneider

Dr. Ulrich Schneider

CEO and Medical Director
From Arthrogen GmbH

25+ Years of Experience

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Dr. Asawari Bapat

Global Regenerative Medical Consultant
From Questar Enterprises

20+ Years of Experience

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Dr. Humeira Badsha

Consl. Rheumatologist, and Medical Director
From Humeira Badsha Medical Center

25+ Years of Experience

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