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Hand & Wrist

Hand pain is defined as discomfort in the joints and tissues of the hand or fingers. Pulsating, pain, increasing warmth, prickling, irritation, and inflexibility are all symptoms of hand discomfort.

Thumb Osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis develops when cartilage starts to deteriorate. Located near the wrist and at the fleshy part of the thumb, the joint at the base of the thumb allows the thumb to grasp items.

Wrist Arthritis

Wearing off or degeneration of cartilage between the wrist bones causes wrist arthritis. The wrist is made up of a number of small bones whereas the forearm consists of, two, larger bones.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

The pressure on the median nerve causes carpal tunnel syndrome. On the palm-side of your hand, the carpal tunnel is a tiny conduit enclosed by bones and ligaments.


A TFCC tear causes pain on the ulnar side of the wrist (little finger). It is frequently linked with a clicking sound during twisting and rotational movements.

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