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Regenerative Treatment

Regenerative treatment harnesses the body’s healing abilities to repair damaged tissues. By utilizing regenerative cells, growth factors, and biomaterials, this innovative approach stimulates tissue regeneration and offers a safe alternative to traditional treatments. It holds promise for patients with diverse health conditions, improving their quality of life.
Regenerative treatment is a cutting-edge medical approach that harnesses the body’s natural healing abilities to restore and repair damaged tissues and organs. This innovative technique holds tremendous potential for patients seeking effective solutions for various health conditions. By utilizing the power of regenerative cells, growth factors, and biomaterials, regenerative treatment facilitates the regeneration of new cells and tissues, stimulating the body’s innate healing mechanisms. This revolutionary method offers a safe and minimally invasive alternative to conventional treatments, with the potential to address chronic pain, orthopedic injuries, degenerative diseases, and even aesthetic concerns. With its promising outcomes and growing popularity, regenerative treatment is becoming increasingly recognized as a transformative approach in the field of medicine, providing patients with renewed hope and improved quality of life.
Revolutionary Treatment For Joint Pain

GOLDIC Treatment

GOLDIC is a next-generation technology that uses the patient’s own blood with specially designed gold particles. This unique form of personalised medicine offers complication-free treatment in the endogenous system.
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Also known as PRP

Platelet Rich Plasma

PRP is generated from your own blood, which has been processed to concentrate platelets and white blood cells that aid in healing and inflammation reduction. During an outpatient procedure or after surgery, PRP can be injected directly into the damaged tissue.
Stem Cell Treatment

Adipose Tissue (Fat)

Adipose tissue or fat cells have remarkable healing and regenerative properties. It is typically obtained from the abdomen, processed to remove impurities and inflammatory components, and then injected at the site of injury.
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